We specialise in alcoholic drinks - of many different sorts; from bulk whisky to rare, old Cognacs.  
  Our model is to find products that have a unique place in the market; products that will enable our clients to compete - either by being substantially cheaper or substantially better in terms of quality when compared to the well known brands.  


We help companies establish new products into new markets, in particular Eastern Europe  
  and China. We are also now establishing some mainstream products into the UK.

If you are looking to establish a new brand into your market place we can help with sourcing the right raw materials, be that products in bulk, bottled or branded goods.
Fort Glen Scotch Whisky
  Marlborough International is proud to announce a distribution partnership with Fort Glen Whisky.  
  Fort Glen is currently available in two grades; the Distiller's Reserve and the 12 Years Old Blender's Reserve - premium  
  blended Scotch is now more affordable than ever before... More...  
Spirit sachets  
  Why have spirits in glass bottles - when you could have a more convenient, less    
  fragile, cheaper and easier to transport packaging?

Please contact us for more details
Single Estate Cognac  
  Introducing Single Estate Cognacs - Each crafted by an independent producer,giving  
  a much more individual spirit than the well known brands. Explore such delights as the fantastic Guillon Painturaud Hors d'Age - single cask  
  cognac from a tiny vinyard...
www.secognac.com External Link
  Stay Safe! Grapes  
  Please be aware that there will always be criminals who will seek to use our good name to  
  defraud genuine customers - note that any emails from us will always come from an @marlboroughinternational.com, @fortglen.com or @secognac.com address.
  If you're ever in doubt, please contact us!  
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Our Brands  
We are currently creating a portfolio of
brands; both distinctive, medium-price drinks and brands catering specifically for the budget sector of the market. Please contact us for further details.

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